Frequently Asked Questions 

Whom do I contact for support?

Please send all questions to and your request will be promptly answered

How do I join the online community?

You can join the online community by sending the email associated with your Facebook account to

You will soon receive an invite through Facebook to join our community, which is a secret group. Only other members will see your posts, and know you are in the group. 

What is the "Finish Your Thesis Program"?

The "Finish Your Thesis Program" is step-by-step self-study program for both Masters & PhD students with specific emphasis on healthy work-life balance in graduate school. 

When you join the program, you also get access to our online "Finish Your Thesis Community"

Our Trainings Cover

-Time management & productivity skills

-Goal-setting and planning in graduate school

-Academic writing skills 

-Communication with your supervisor and committee

-Self-care in gradate school

-Successful proposal & thesis defense

The "Finish Your Thesis Program" also includes 3 bonus training sessions and access to our online community. 

What is the "Publish Your Research Program"?

The "Publish Your Research Program" is a comprehensive curriculum that shows you step-by-step how to write up your research in a paper, and submit it to journals.

We also include additional guidelines for choosing the appropriate journal and avoiding the most common reasons for rejection. 

The "Publish Your Research Program" includes 6 group coaching sessions and 6 live writing sprints with other students in the program, to offer you accountability in the process of writing up your publication

What is the "Dissertation Writing Workshop"?

The "Dissertation Writing Workshop" is our Membership Program specifically for students in the process of Dissertation Writing 

Our Membership Benefits include:

-Access to our online community & Core Curriculum with new trainings every month

-Group Coaching Program with accountability from our community and writing coaches

-Accountability through Self-Assessments and our Daily Progress Tracker

Members will have access to high-level of structure & accountability, as well as premium content for academic writing (PhD thesis & publications).

In addition, Members will have the opportunity to network with each other for added accountability as well as career development. 

Please contact us at for more information